# Adding to Airtable

Use these links to add new records to the PROD base in Airtable. Specific instructions for each field are included in the form descriptions. To edit existing records, refer to the Airtable overview guide.


For security reasons, these links are password protected. Contact wangannie [at] berkeley.edu if you need access.

Airtable Form Links
Add a new store (opens new window)
Add a new product (opens new window)
Add a new resource link (opens new window)
Add a new recipe (opens new window)

To add a new clerk account, refer to this guide.

# Modifying or Adding Resource Categories

  • Admins can add a new resource category directly in Airtable (see 'Add a new category in Airtable'), but until a developer adds the corresponding category in the app, resources with categories that don't match the existing categories will display under 'Miscellaneous'.
  • Modifying the order of resource categories also requires a developer (see Developer guide).
  • Resources can be tagged under multiple categories in Airtable and they will display multiple times under different headings.