# Important Links

We use editable short-links so the external links used throughout the apps can be easily updated without changing the code.

Link Description
http://tiny.cc/HCClerkWeb (opens new window) Access the web version of the clerk app (last updated to v1.1.3 (opens new window))
http://healthycorners.app.link/ (opens new window) Opens the customer-facing app if it's installed on the device. Otherwise, opens the store listing in the app store (works for iOS and Android). Previously, http://tiny.cc/HealthyCornersApp (opens new window) went directly to the app store link.
http://onelink.to/hc-clerk (opens new window) Opens the app store listing (works for iOS and Android).
http://tiny.cc/ClerkGuide (opens new window) Clerk onboarding guide linked in the Clerk Guide button in the clerk app hamburger menu
http://tiny.cc/SubmitFeedbackClerk (opens new window) Link in the Feedback button in the clerk app hamburger menu
http://tiny.cc/ClerkFeedback (opens new window) Link in the Report Issue button in the clerk app hamburger menu
http://tiny.cc/RewardsFeedback (opens new window) Link in the Report Issue button in the customer-facing app hamburger menu
http://tiny.cc/nominatestore (opens new window) Link in the Nominate a store button in the customer-facing app hamburger menu. Also linked in the FAQ

# Clerk Training Guide

We developed a guide on how to use the clerk tablet app to assist with clerk training and serve as an ongoing reference for clerks. This guide is also linked in the hamburger menu within the app. They should also be in a printable format. You can also use ctrl/cmd + P to open the system printing menu and generate a PDF to save.

Clerk Training Guide: http://healthycorners.calblueprint.org/admin/clerktraining.html (opens new window)

Condensed Clerk Training Guide (GIFs only): http://healthycorners.calblueprint.org/admin/clerktraininggifs.html (opens new window)


These links are still embedded within this documentation site, though the sidebars will disappear. To return to this site, go back to https://healthycorners.calblueprint.org/ (opens new window)

# Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The public link for the full app FAQs is https://healthycorners.calblueprint.org/faq.html (opens new window). This includes FAQs related to Healthy Corners, SNAP Matching, Healthy Rewards, and more.

The 'mini FAQ' section embedded within the 'How it Works' screen in the customer app can be found here https://healthycorners.calblueprint.org/faq-mini.html (opens new window)

# Privacy Policy

We developed a privacy policy for the customer-facing app to comply with App Store guidelines. This can be modified through the documentation site, which may require assistance from a developer.

Healthy Corners Customer App Privacy Policy: https://healthycorners.calblueprint.org/shared/privacypolicy.html (opens new window)

Editing these pages

To edit any of the pages listed above, see the Admin guide on Updating Documentation.