# Editing existing store data

Use this guide to edit store information in Airtable. Column names are indicated below with brief explanations and examples.


To add a new store, use the form linked here.

# Primary Key


Do not edit anything in this column.

# Store Name

This name must match the name on the Auto Import product data sheet for product delivery updates to transfer correctly.

# Ward

Only enter the number.

Do Don't
7 Ward 7

# Address

Only include the Street Number and Street Name, not the entire address with city, state and zip code.

Do Don't
4748 Sheriff Road Northeast 4748 Sheriff Rd NE Washington, DC 20019

# Latitude & Longitude

Enter the store's full address here (opens new window)to find the Latitude and Longitude. Copy and paste the full numbers here.

The numbers should look similar to this example:

  • Latitude: 38.903049
  • Longitude: -76.934087

# Store Hours

This input MUST follow the correct format outlined in the store hours formatting guide

# Phone Number

Enter 10 digits only — this will format automatically.

If a phone number is not available, leave this field blank. DO NOT enter anything other than a phone number such as an email address, website link etc.

Do Don't
1231231234 123.123.1234 +1(433) 343-9293 Do not add any special characters.

# Accepted programs checkboxes

For the following columns, check the box if the program is accepted at the store. Otherwise, leave the column blank. For reference, this is how the Airtable column names display in the app.

Airtable column name Tag label
SNAP or EBT Accepted EBT
Coupon Program Partner SNAP Match
Rewards Accepted Healthy Rewards

# Do Not Display

Check this box to hide a store from displaying to customers in the app.

# Stocks Other Vendors

Checking this box will display the following message with the store:

This store regularly stocks additional produce from other vendors.