# Processing product images

Image files must be stored in Airtable at a reduced size in order for images to load efficiently in both apps.

These instructions go through how to process the images using https://www.iloveimg.com/ (opens new window) to save images at standard dimensions with a reduced file size.

# Step 1. Resize the image(s)

  1. Go to this site (opens new window) and upload the product image(s).


    To save time, you can upload multiple images at a time. However, you must upload all .pngs separately from .jpgs in order to complete Step 2.

  2. Under Resize Options, select BY PIXELS and enter 360px under width. Make sure that only Maintain aspect ratio is selected. resize
  3. Select Resize Images ->


Do not click Download yet. These steps can be done consecutively without re-uploading images.

# Step 2. Convert to JPG (for .png files only)

  1. Select the yellow square icon in the menu to Continue to Convert to JPG selectconvertjpg
  2. Select Convert to JPG ->
  3. If a popup opens to download the image, select Cancel.

# Step 3. Compress the image(s)

  1. Select the green square icon in the menu to Continue to Compress Image selectcompressimg
  2. Select Compress Images ->
  3. Click Download compressed images. This should download either a single image file or a .zip file of the processed images.

# Step 4. Upload processed image(s) to Airtable

If you are uploading the image to an existing record in Airtable:

  • Drag and drop the processed image into the Image column in the Products table
  • OR in the Image column, click the + button to open the file picker to select the file from where you saved it.

If you are uploading the image to create a new product through the Airtable form:

  • Drag and drop the processed image over where it says Drop files here
  • OR select Attach file