# Formatting store hours

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# Overview

In order for the store hours to display correctly, they must be entered into Airtable according to these rules. If the store hours are missing or incorrect, the app will automatically display Store hours unavailable.

# Rules & Examples

# Time & Day Format Rules

Times and days must follow the following standard formats

Single Range
Time 9am 8:30pm 9am-12pm 8am-1am
Day Sun Mon Tu Wed Thurs Fri Sat Sun-Wed Thurs-Mon Daily

# Dos and Don'ts: Time Formats

Do Don't
12pm 12 pm do not include a space between the hour and am/pm

12PM am/pm must be lower case
9:30am Only include minutes when necessary 12:00pm Do not include minutes when the time is even on the hour.
9am-8pm Mon... Always specify am/pm. 9am-8 Mon Do not leave ambiguous numbers.
9am-12am... Use 12am for Midnight 9am-Midnight Do not add the word Midnight. Instead, enter 12am and the app will automatically display it as Midnight
12pm-9pm... 12pm for Noon Noon-9pm Do not add the word Noon

# Dos and Don'ts: Day Formats

Do Don't
12pm-9pm Mon-Thurs, Closed Fri Follow the required day abbreviations 12pm-9pm Monday-Thursday, Closed Friday Do not use full day names

12pm-9pm M-Th, Closed F Do not use any other types of abbreviation
8am-8pm Mon-Tu, Closed Wed, 8am-8pm Thurs-Sun

8am-8pm Thurs-Tu, Closed Wed
8am-8pm Mon-Sun, Closed Wed Wed is between Mon and Sun, so the date range should end before and after Wed

8am-8pm Mon-Wed, 9am-9pm Wed Wed is included twice

# Combining the Time and Day

The time must always go before the day or day range.

Time {SPACE} Day/DayRange...

9am-12pm Sun
8:30am-12am Mon-Fri
Rule Do Don't
If a store is open 24/7 Open 24/7 12am-12am Daily
Always put time before the day/day range 9am-12pm Mon-Fri, 8am-8pm Sun-Sat

Closed Sun
Mon-Fri 9am-9pm, Sun-Sat 8am-8pm

Sun Closed
Do not add any extra words or punctuation Open 24/7

8am-8pm Mon-Tu, Closed Wed, 8am-8pm Thurs-Sun
8am--8pm Mon-Tu; Closed: Wed! Do not use any other symbols like -- ; :

Open 9am-9pm Mon-Fri, Closed Sat Do not add words UNLESS it is Open 24/7

Mon-Tu: 8am-8pm; Fri-Sun: Closed; Reversed & using incorrect symbols.

# Input Scenarios & Examples

These example scenarios show how to apply the time and date rules above to make sure store hours display properly in the app.

Scenario Input Example
1. Different hours on different days 9am-7pm Sun, 9am-8pm Tu-Sat, Closed Mon
2. Same hours every day of the week 8am-10pm Daily
3. Open 24/7 Open 24/7
4. Store closes after midnight 8am-3am Mon-Fri, 10am-12am Sat-Sun
5. Store hours unavailable Store hours unavailable

# 1. Different hours on different days

Input Format

OpeningTime{-}ClosingTime{SPACE} Day/DayRange{,}{SPACE}...

OpeningTime-ClosingTime Day/DayRange, NextOpeningTime...

Repeat this pattern for the number of days/day ranges with varying hours.

Ex. A & S Grocery: 9am-7pm Sun, 9am-8pm Tu-Sat, Closed Mon

Airtable Input

9am-7pm Sun, 9am-8pm Tu-Sat, Closed Mon


Resulting Display


# 2. Same hours every day of the week

Input Format

OpeningTime{-}ClosingTime{SPACE} Daily

OpeningTime-ClosingTime Daily

Ex. Brookland Market: 8am-10pm Daily

Airtable Input

8am-10pm Daily


Resulting Display


Ex. Kwik Stop: 7am-12am Daily

Airtable Input

7am-12am Daily


Resulting Display


Warning: stores that open/close at midnight

The time must be entered into Airtable as 12am . The app will automatically convert this to display Midnight.

# 3. Open 24/7

Input Format

Open 24/7

Open 24/7

Ex. Circle 7 (Circle Seven): Open 24/7

Airtable Input

Open 24/7


Resulting Display


# 4. Store closes after midnight

Input Format

OpeningTime {-} ClosingTimeOnNextDay(am){SPACE} OpenDay/Range...

OpeningTime-ClosingTimeOnNextDay(AM) OpenDay/Range...

Ex. 8am-3am Mon-Fri, 10am-12am Sat-Sun

In the example below, even though the store opens until 3am the following day, enter the closing time with the same day that the opening time corresponds to.

Airtable Input

8am-3am Mon-Fri, 10am-12am Sat-Sun


Resulting Display


Incorrect Input Examples

8am-12am Mon-Fri, 12am-3am Mon-Fri...

8am-12am Mon, 12am-3am Tu...

Do not split the days at midnight. Do not include any day more than once.

# 5. Store hours unavailable

Input Format

Store hours unavailable

Store hours unavailable

Ex. Smiley Mart: Store hours unavailable

Airtable Input

Store hours unavailable


Resulting Display


# Additional Considerations

# Closed on some day(s)

If a store is closed on some day(s) of the week, either of the following input formats will work.

Option 1: Add 'Closed...'

...Closed {SPACE} Day/DayRange

8am-8pm Tues-Sun, Closed Mon
9am-10pm Mon-Fri, Closed Sat-Sun

Option 2: Omit the day

8am-8pm Tues-Sun
9am-10pm Mon-Fri

# Not Supported

The app does not support the following scenarios. If any of the following are true, see 5. Store hours unavailable.

  • Multiple sets of hours throughout a single day: ex. Open Monday 8am-12pm and 1pm-9pm