# Project Overview

See the homepage for an introduction to the project.

# Application Repos

# Design

Go to the design prototypes page (linked in the navbar) to see the Figma project, as well as various resources.

# Known Issues

We use GitHub's built-in issue tracker to track issues we are aware of (e.g the customer repo (opens new window)). Looking at open issues may be helpful when attempting to triage or fix bugs.

Additionally, we've done our best to document our work/thought process throughout development via the PR descriptions. We also used "Squash and merge" for almost all PRs, so running git blame from main and then inspecting the source PR(s) from a particular commit may be helpful as well.

Relevant documentation, including instructions for onboarding and setting up local environments, development lifecycle, etc can be found in the individual subpages:

The Managing & Deploying Apps section contains documentation that is shared between two or more of our repos.

Future development: Please take a look at this page when considering changes, new features, etc.

Navbar: For convenience, the PROD base, DEV base, and Airtable workspace are linked, as well as all three of the active GitHub repos.